HOPI at the Spring Nation Campout at ACA
April 27th, 2008

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The HOPI Tribe made its annual pilgrimage to Camp ACA on Lake Geneva in faraway Leesburg this week. The weather was hot in the afternoons with a beautiful breeze in the morning and evening, and the usual fantastic sunrise over the lake. This year, the girls decided to GO BLUE! and do a skit based on the Blue Man Group. Applying the paint was hard. Removing the paint was much harder. The skit went well, with great participation by all tribal members under the skillfull direction of Chief Sand Flea (John). Click HERE to view the skit on U-Tube. Thanks to Bob for the great job filming and editing. We had fun in the war games, canoe race, playing catch, basketball, ping pong, and everything else we could squeeze in. Attending were: John, Hannah, Meredith, Catherine, Kevin, Sydney, Brooke, Bob, Elizabeth, Rich, Anna, Julia, Steve and Cathy.