HOPI Shark Valley Cycling Expedition
Saturday, May 12th, 2006

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With the dry conditions, the surrounding land was covered by a grey crust, cracked and rippled as the water depositied it, then evaporated several months ago. There were a few wildflowers blooming (most non-native) including some morning glories, thistles, and queen anne's lace - and a few we couldn't identify. Overall, this made for a very good outing.


  1. National park entrance fee at the Gate ($10/vehicle)
  2. Bikes can be rented at the entrance; baskets are also available to carry water, cameras, etc.
  3. Bring bottled water or other drinks
  4. Restroom available at the tower
  5. In dry season, alligators can be on or adjacent to the bike path - stay close to small children
  6. Don't leave anything "interesting" out in the open or unattended. Large blackbirds or turkey vultures may take an interest.
  7. Bring plenty of sunscreen; bugspray may be needed near the tower
  8. Helmets required for age 16 & under